Customer Service FAQs

If the harness doesn't fit or you want a different size, color, or a completely different item, it's no problem!

We are happy to exchange your item and committed to providing you with the best customer service. :)

If you purchased on our website within the last 30 days, you may be eligible to exchange. To start an exchange, start by reviewing our Exchanges page.

Be sure you get the right size with your exchange!

If you need help or have any questions about sizing, please send an email to or give us a call on 1-800-556-4994, and we will be happy to help you!

How are shipping labels created?
Tre Ponti USA does not manually enter addresses or order information. Details that were entered at checkout are transferred automatically into the order-fulfillment system. Once the order is prepared for dispatch and handed over to the shipping carrier, transit and delivery are managed exclusively by the carrier.

Tracking packages
Tre Ponti USA can only track packages on the carrier’s website, in the same way that anyone can. If you need information, the first step is to track your package. You can click the below button to connect to USPS tracking online. Your tracking number can be found in the shipment-confirmation email that you received from Tre Ponti USA.

If you feel that your package hasn't arrived within a reasonable amount of time, you may want to initiate a search. For information about how to search for a package, you can click on the below button to connect to the USPS website.

If the package still hasn't arrived after several weeks from the time of placing your order, please contact Tre Ponti USA by sending an email to

Delivery delays can happen
USPS and other carriers sometimes experience unusual service backlogs, resulting in extended delivery times, especially during weather or holidays. In rare occasions, even if the package was shipped via priority service, an unusually long period of time may pass before your package is delivered. While Tre Ponti USA is not responsible for delivery delays, loss, or damage, in every case, we will apply the excellent customer service for which we are known.

Extended USPS mail delivery times announced
On Oct. 1, 2021, the United States Postal Service revised its service standards for First-Class packages, resulting in a delivery window of up to five days (before, it was 3-4 days). This may delay delivery of your order as well as our receipt of an exchange mailed from you. For more information, you can click the button below.

What happens once my order is shipped by Tre Ponti USA?
We will always ship your order as quickly as possible, normally within 24 hours of receiving it. Packages are submitted to the USPS on a daily basis, and once your package is in the possession of the carrier, control of it transfers to the USPS.

Don't you have information about when packages are delivered?
Unfortunately, we receive no information regarding when a package will actually be delivered. We can only track packages in the same way that anyone can, by using the carrier's website. Additionally, there is no way for us to know where or how a package gets delivered. We receive no information regarding a specific mail box, slot, or location where a package is delivered.

The only available information can be accessed by tracking the package online. You can click the below button to connect to USPS tracking. Your tracking number can be found in the shipment-confirmation email that you received from Tre Ponti USA.

What if my order shows as delivered but I didn't get it?
Once the carrier’s tracking system confirms that a package has been delivered, we have no alternative but to believe that the information is accurate and the package actually was delivered. However, if you feel your package has been stolen or somehow just can’t be retrieved after it was delivered, please contact Tre Ponti USA by sending an email to

Why did my harness break? Aren't Tre Ponti products made of strong materials?
Tre Ponti harnesses are made with superior-quality materials that are hypoallergenic, impermeable, flexible, lightweight, and designed for elegance, freedom of movement, and ergonomic fit. These materials are also meticulously selected for strength and resistance to normal wear and tear.

How can these high-quality materials break, tear, or unravel?
In reality, Tre Ponti harnesses do not tear, unravel, or come apart under normal conditions. This includes buckles, rings and stitching. Only when subjected to chewing, sharp or rough objects, or mishandling can the harness pull apart, tear, or break. Dogs and other pets can bite or chew through extremely resilient materials, and therefore, a completely damage-proof harness would need to be practically indestructible and far too stiff and heavy to accommodate the beautiful, ergonomic designs for which Tre Ponti is renowned. Simply put, it is impossible for Tre Ponti to create beautiful, lightweight, elegant harnesses that are totally immune to damage.

How can I keep my harnesses from being damaged?
1) Remove the harness after each use. This is the best way to avoid the harness from becoming a toy.
2) Be sure harnesses are kept from being cut, torn, chewed, or rubbed against sharp or abrasive objects or materials.
3) Keep harnesses clean and dry. A dirty, damp harness, left wet and uncleaned, will have a reduced lifespan compared to one that is cleaned and dried regularly. You can click the following button for more information about caring for your harnesses:

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that the harness be removed after walking your pet.

What can I do if my harness has become damaged, torn, or broken?
If your harness has become damaged, please contact Tre Ponti USA by email to and provide details of the issue along with photos showing the damage.
The buckle is broken or has stopped working.
Tre Ponti products meet or exceed pet industry standards, and this includes the plastic buckles used in our harnesses. However, like all things, the buckles are subject to normal wear and tear and especially to unusual stress on the prongs.

What happens to buckles to make them break?
The most common reason for a buckle to fail prematurely is due to the prongs being inadvertently pushed into the buckle incorrectly, off center, or with one prong outside, which will cause stress fractures at the base of one or more of the outer prongs. Thereafter, even with normal use, the fractures will worsen, and sooner or later, the prong will break. Another common reason that causes a buckle to fail is due to biting or chewing. And finally, the buckle will eventually stop working due to plain old wear and tear over time.

Can't the factory simply sew in a new buckle for me?
A factory repair to replace a broken buckle requires dismantling and re-sewing, which ends up being the equivalent cost of standard production, not to mention the cost of shipping back and forth to Italy. Therefore, sending a harness in for repairs of any kind makes no sense, because the cost would end up being more than that of a brand new harness.

If the buckle is broken, what can be done?
Although buckles are not covered under warranty, Tre Ponti USA maintains a supply of new buckles, and we are happy to send you a set of buckles at no charge, except for a small fee to cover shipping and handling. To get the repair done, it is usually possible for a local shoe repair shop to sew the new buckles into the harness. To get a free set of buckles, contact Tre Ponti USA by email to
Does Tre Ponti USA offer a 'no fault' warranty?
Unfortunately, due to the complexities and costs associated with importing goods as well as the handmade nature of the products, it is not possible for Tre Ponti USA to provide free replacements for products. The only exception is for items that have a factory defect. A factory defect is defined as something that is immediately discoverable and makes the harness unusable, such as an inverted buckle or missing ring.

What isn't covered, lifespan, and care.
Damage by chewing, contact with sharp object or rough surfaces, abuse, biting, or similar circumstances are not covered under warranty. Buckles and rings are not covered by any written or implied warranty. When cared for and used under normal conditions, your Tre Ponti harness will have a lifespan that is on par with similar products. The lifespan of the product depends on the amount and type of use, and on caring for the product. You can click the following button for more information about caring for your harnesses.

In summary, the factory warranty covers only actual factory defects, which would be discovered immediately, such as a buckle sewn in the wrong way. You can click here to read our full warranty policy.