Frequently Asked Questions

Comfortable and easy to use
Tre Ponti harnesses are super easy to use. Our designs are truly easy to put on, adjust, and take off, giving you and your pet a more positive experience. Tre Ponti harnesses are comfortable, light, hypoallergenic, and ergonomic. They occupy a minimal footprint on your pet's body. Not bulky, just comfy. Not difficult, just right.

100% Made in Italy
Tre Ponti® stands out for its 100% Italian handmade products. Every harness, leash, and accessory that we make is handcrafted by our skilled artisans and designed for the comfort and happiness of your furry friends. All of it is 100% handmade in Italy. No leather, animal products, or any other materials derived from animals is used to create Tre Ponti products.

Craftswoman sewing Tre Ponti harness in artisan manufacturing process

Handcrafted Quality
Tre Ponti® products are meticulously handmade within a traditional, Italian artisan manufacturing environment near Venice. Our amazing designs have been copied but cannot be equaled due to the passion, the materials, the handcrafted nature, the quality of stitching, and the fact that they are made in Italy by an actual person. No one can copy that! Our passion and love for pets inspires us to improve and develop new products that are handmade by our skilled artisans, rendering each creation a one of a kind.

Craftsman laying out a new Tre Ponti harness design within Italian artisan manufacturing process

The girth measurement is the key!
Your pet’s girth measurement is a key to selecting the correct harness size. The girth is the circumference of the chest about one or two inches behind the front legs.

Follow these steps to get the measurement:
  1. Use a soft tape measure, such as one used for sewing projects or used by tailors.
  2. Measure the girth about 1 to 2 inches behind the front legs as shown in the diagram.
  3. You need a SNUG measurement! You don’t want to measure the girth of the fluffy fir,😊 so be sure to pull the tape enough to compress the fir around the chest.
  4. If you don't have a soft tape, you can use yarn, a ribbon, or string to get the length.
diagram of how to measure chest girth

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If you need help or have any questions about measuring or sizing, please send an email to or give us a call on 1-800-556-4994, and we will be happy to assist you!
Nice and snug but not tight
The harness needs to fit snuggly. You can judge when the fit is nice and snug but not too tight. The harness should never be loose, especially at the chest. The harness can be slightly loose at the neck, but it must be very snug at the chest.

French Bulldog sitting in short grass and wearing a Tre Ponti Adjustable Belly harness in blue to demonstrate an incorrect fit

The above photo shows an INCORRECT fit. The harness sticks out in the front, indicating it is too big. The adjustment at the chest is good, but the size of the harness is too big, causing the neck portion to stick out.

French Bulldog sitting in short grass and wearing a Tre Ponti Adjustable Belly harness in blue to demonstrate good fit  French Bulldog sitting grass and wearing a Tre Ponti Adjustable Belly harness in blue to demonstrate good fit

The above photos demonstrate a CORRECT fit. The harness is snug at the neck and adjusted properly at the chest.

What if my pet is an escape artist?
If your smaller pet loves to escape out of everything, choose a Strap model (such as Genesis Strap or Mesh Strap), which are virtually escape proof if worn correctly and snuggly. For larger pets that are too big for a Strap model, choose the Brio. Tre Ponti USA cannot offer any guarantee that your pet will never or cannot escape from a Tre Ponti harness; however, if the harness is fitted correctly and feels very snug around the chest/torso of your pet, it is extremely unlikely this can happen.
The Basics
Caring for your Tre Ponti harness is easy and will extend its lifespan. You can machine wash your harnesses, wipe them down, and keep them dry. By far, the best way to keep your harnesses from being damaged is to ensure they are not cut, torn, chewed, or rubbed against sharp or abrasive objects or materials. That's why it is highly recommended to remove the harness after walking your pet. Then a quick wipe down is a great idea, and if the harness is dirty, muddy, wet, or damp, a deeper cleaning is advised, and be sure to dry off the rings afterwards. See below for instructions.

Machine Wash
Close the buckle or strap and include the harness in with the rest of the wash (colors, not whites). Use a standard wash cycle, as you would with normal clothes. Do not use harsh soap or other strong chemicals. For extra care, you may insert the harness into a mesh clothing bag, as you would with delicate fabrics. DO NOT DRY THE HARNESSES IN A CLOTHES DRYER. AIR DRY ONLY!

Be sure to wipe down the rings before putting the harness out to dry as this will keep them in the best condition.

Hand Wash
A gentle hand wash in lukewarm water is a quick and easy way to clean the harness. Close the buckle or strap and wipe the harness down with a soft damp cloth. Optionally, you can use a mild soap, such as a tiny amount of dish or hand soap. Do not use strong soap or chemicals. Dry the harness and rings with a soft cloth and then let AIR DRY ONLY!

IMPORTANT: Regarding Exposure to Water
Tre Ponti harnesses are made of impermeable materials and include weather-resistant rings; nevertheless, water, especially salt water, and moisture left on the harness can cause corrosion that will shorten its lifespan. To avoid this, it is recommended to clean and dry the harness whenever it gets wet. You can machine or hand wash the harness and then dry with a clean, soft, cloth, paying special attention to the rings to ensure they are dry. A dirty, damp harness left uncleaned will certainly have a shorter lifespan than one that is cleaned and dried regularly, especially after exposure to water or moisture.

As with everything new, it can take a bit of patience, training, and time for your cat to learn how to wear a harness. Cats who have never experienced anything like that can sometimes act as if they’ve been caught: they might flatten, freeze, or even fight back. Gentle training can help to overcome such responses.

Vivianne Yi Wei has posted this blog on training a cat to wear a harness, which explains how a cat can learn to be comfortable wearing a Tre Ponti Genesis Strap harness. She also created a video, which you can view by clicking below.

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