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Possibly the best-ever harness for your cat

Tre Ponti's harnesses for cats are super easy to use, comfortable for your furry friend, and also safe and secure. At the same time, they are elegant, impermeable, hypoallergenic, and great looking with Italian styling. The harnesses feature a body-glove fit that cats don't mind and which keeps them totally secure while looking awesome!

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Tre Ponti Camo Strap harness in pink
Camo Strap
  • $39.99
  • From $29.99
We currently have 38 in stock.
Tre Ponti Liberty Strap Harness in Pink
Genesis Strap
  • From $32.99
We currently have 40 in stock.


Tre Ponti Charisma Strap harness in Red
Charisma Strap
  • $45.99
  • From $34.99
We currently have 3 in stock.
Tre Ponti Mesh Strap Harness in Red
Mesh Strap
  • From $42.99
We currently have 57 in stock.

Comfortable Cat Harness

If you want to walk your cat outdoors then using a cat harness is the perfect option. A traditional cat leash can harm your cat's neck, especially if they are prone to pulling on the lead.

Our kitten harness is great for training kittens, and we have a wide variety of materials and sizes for you to choose from.

Our adjustable straps are ideal for making sure the cat harness fits perfectly. Instead of a leash or cat collar that straps around the head and neck, choose a harness that fixes around the chest and belly of your cat, with the leash attachment situated on the back for easy access and without putting pressure on any sensitive areas.

Your kitty needs a comfortable collar, and we have many different colors to fit their style perfectly. If your cat has an adventurous personality but you're worried that their bravery is going to get them into trouble, then a cat lead is perfect.

These are escape proof kitty harnesses, without putting your cat in danger, and are a great alternative to a cat vest or leash set. They are perfect for small and large cats alike.

Many people own a travel cat, or an adventure cat, but if you're not comfortable with letting them roam free on their own, then choosing an adjustable cat harness is perfect.