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Stylish accessories for your new Tre Ponti harness!

We offer a variety of leashes and bag dispensers to complement your beautiful Tre Ponti harnesses. Choose from various looks and options, including reflective stitching, Italy pattern stitching, soft and vibrant mesh, and ultra-comfortable double or single handle leashes. Many have a handy ring near the handle, where you can clip a bag dispenser, keys, or tags. All are made with the same care and craftsmanship for which Tre Ponti is famous. 

6 products found in Leashes & Accessories

Group shot of Tre Ponti Reflective Stitch Leashes in all colors
Reflective Stitch Leash
  • $19.99
We currently have 1078 in stock.
Tre Ponti Mesh Bag Dispenser Group shot showing all colors
Mesh Bag Dispensers
  • $15.99
We currently have 975 in stock.
Tre Ponti Mesh Leash Group2 image showing all colors
Mesh Leash
  • $39.99
We currently have 75 in stock.
Group of Tre Ponti Security Leash Double Handle leash with extra comfy handle and second handle for security
Double Handle Leash (Long)
  • $43.99
We currently have 30 in stock.
Tre Ponti Single Handle Leash group of three colors in black, camouflage, and red
Single Handle Leash
  • $39.99
We currently have 102 in stock.
Tre Ponti Camo Leash in Pink
Camo Leash
  • $24.99
We currently have 123 in stock.