Tre Ponti's Story and Philosophy


Woman sitting with a large, fluffy dog lying down and looking up at her. The dog is wearing a Tre Ponti Primo Pus harness in black

TRE PONTI® is an Italian brand born of a sincere love for our pet friends. Since 2007, Tre Ponti has been designing and patenting harnesses, leashes, and accessories for pets. We create high-quality, outstanding products that are 100% made in Italy with distinctive and appealing designs. We only select materials that guarantee the final product to be comfy, durable, and safe.


The company founder, Pierantonio Cecconato, started his career in the field of leather goods. Over the course of 40 years, he gained experience in sewing and tailoring shoes and accessories for well-known luxury brands. In 2003 he decided to specialize in the production and trade of pet accessories. In that very year, during a trade show, Mr. Cecconato observed an elderly lady struggling to put a harness on her small dog. In that captivating moment, he had the idea to create a harness that would be easy to fit. After several trials and attempts on his beloved dog Lilly, he patented the first Easy Fit harness in 2007.

French Bull Dog relaxing on leather couch and wearing a Tre Ponti Genesis Adjustable Harness in blue

From that time forward, Tre Ponti has been creating and patenting innovative harnesses and accessories designed to be functional, comfortable, and attractive. Today, Tre Ponti® is a registered trademark in more than 70 countries worldwide. In Italy, Tre Ponti is the brand par excellence for small pet harnesses and is gaining momentum for large pets as well. Tre Ponti is also well established in many countries around the world and constantly expanding.


Tre Ponti factory work sewing Tre Ponti harness

Each and every Tre Ponti® product is handmade in Italy by our skilled sewers, who pay close attention to detail, making each piece one of a kind. Our products are designed for the well being of pets: designed and handmade to be ergonomic and lightweight, yet durable, strong, and easy to use. We carefully select the finest materials to ensure the best quality products. We choose components that respect animals; we do not use leather, only eco fabrics.

Spaniel dog running at full speed wearing a super comfortable Tre Ponti Genesis Adjustable Harness in pink

We care about using materials that are pleasant to the touch and comfortable, without affecting strength and durability; we focus on comfort and safety, both for pets and humans, to design and create safe, functional and appealing products that are adored by millions of pets and their humans.